Did you know that electronic products contain several heavy metals that are harmful for human health and the environment? MultiRecycle offers a complete collection and recycling service for electrical and computer equipment.

Accepted products:

  • Hardware; towers, LCD and CRT screens, TV, peripherals, DVD and VHS players, DVD, CD, UPS, printers, wheel photocopiers**, etc.
  • Electrical material : Stereos, microwaves, appliances**

* Transport and handling charges may be applied.
**Due to their manipulation, these items have extra recycling charges.


Electronical and electrical products are sent to approved sorting centers in Quebec or Ontario that dismantle the equipment according to material and return it to the correct sectors. The plastic is granulated before being put into the plastic industry, precious metals are melted and reused as raw materials. When the material can be reused and we have the customer's consent, the material is conveyed to our reuse store.

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Have you done your spring cleaning? In only one collection, MultiRecycle lets you recycle your hardware, batteries, mercury lamps, paint and old furniture. What’s more, a recycling certificate is delivered to you for every collection!

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