Did you know that mercury is a polluting gas which is harmful to your health? The MultiRecycle depot is accredited in dealing with mercury lamps according to the regulation on the Enlarged Responsability of Producers (ERP or REP). We are hence in a position where we can offer you a service free of recycling charges for these items*. To be accepted, all lamps must have been placed in boxes beforehand. Call us for more information.

Accepted products:

    • Fluorescent tubes
    • Fluocompact lamps
    • High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID)
    • Ballasts
    • Fixtures**
    • Incandescents**
    • Halogens**
    • LED **

* Transport and handling charges may be applied
** These items are not part of the REP. Recycling charges are hence applied.


The mercury lamps collected by MultiRecycle are recycled through Quebec’s system which valorizes mercury lamps, put into place by RECYC-QUEBEC. A triple-distillation process is utilized in order to treat the mercury safely. A portion of the glass is stabilized, another may be treated so that the glass may be used in the manufacturing of mineral wool, fiber isolation, or in construction.

Have you done your spring cleaning? In only one collection, MultiRecycle lets you recycle your hardware, batteries, mercury lamps, paint and old furniture. What’s more, a recycling certificate is delivered to you for every collection!

fluorescent tube we collect