In computer security, your business can she afford to take risks considered high in the Canadian public service?

Risk factors related to human error are enormous. Statistics show that this is the most important factor in most disasters related to leaks of confidential information.

Since it is impossible to determine with the naked eye if a hard drive has been formatted, transfers for disk formatting, temporary storage and the period in which the operation is carried are the most risky times for that attention or distraction error become a source of beautiful and very real risk for your organization. 

Products accepted :

  • Hard drives 
  • Mobile phones
  • USB and thumb drives
  • Small electronic devices


Our solution for mobile shredding hard drives remove all these risks as the parts are shredded right in front of your eyes. In addition, our service costs are a fraction of what it costs to pay a computer technician paid to perform manual formatting hard drives.

IT is a constantly changing and technologies continue to improve. Some hard drives can not be formatted in a safe manner because the data from these discs will be fully recovered due to the technologies with which they were built? .Can your business or companies take this kind of risk?

We are also able to shred small technology products containing sensitive information, such as electronic products owners, telecommunication devices and products on which your brand appears. Contact us at (514) 333-7221 for more information.

All electronics we collect are recycled. Indeed, the residue from your hard drives coming out of our shredder reaches a recycling rate of almost 100%.

electronic & other products we shred